Flood Your Place with Light with Superior Quality LED Fixtures from the LED Lighting Of Houston

The company based in Houston is headed by none other than Joshua Pitts, who is one of the youngest and successful entrepreneurs of this generation. He serves as an inspiration for the next generation, for those who one day hope to have a company of their own. Being a CEO in his own right, Joshua Pitts is a Houston native. Before his entrepreneurial dreams led him to the foundation of this company, he was a student at the University of Houston, where he graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship from Wolff center for entrepreneurship. As soon as he graduated he was recruited by the famed Merrill Lynch’s Smith Warren Group. He started learning everything pretty quickly.

You Are Given Guaranteed Quality Assurance

The company founded by him tasted success with sales of 10 million dollars within the span of 4 years. Customers only had good things to say about the company and showered LED lighting of Houston reviews that were positive in nature. This was due to the quality LED lighting fixtures that were provided by the company. The company makes their own products, which are assembled locally in Houston, America and is quality assured by manufacturing testing in Labsphere. They make designs which are both commercial and modern and yet cost-effective and long-lasting – thus the products become best sellers soon. The company strictly follows all the safety procedures to prevent any accidents in future.

Customer Satisfaction Is Their Primary Goal

What customers love about their service is, that they allow customization according to the requirements of the customers. Any queries or issue that a customer may have is dealt with promptly. The people involved in sales management are friendly and are ready to offer assistance whenever you need. The order is delivered promptly the very next day and installation is done on site. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of the company, for which LED lighting of Houston, offers money return on investment if anything goes wrong during installation.



Joshua Pitts- The Man Behind The LED Lighting In Houston

The Houston based LED lighting company offers LED lighting services to the entirety of United States. The company’s LED lighting fixtures are the perfect addition to your new home as they are made specifically for interior and exterior décor. The company’s secret lies in producing LED lighting fixtures with ‘surface mount machines’.

They have strictly followed the rule of using quality diodes that are certified AAA and BBB. Any other diodes, which are not certified AAA or BBB, are discarded. This is done to maintain the quality of their products. Their product’s quality is one of the reasons for the positively LED lighting of Houston reviews and feedbacks from all their customers.

Failure in the driver in LED lighting fixtures are a major issue, which is taken care of by the team at LED lighting of Houston by only branded drivers like Philips Advance Xitanium drivers or Meanwell drivers. Every customer wants the worth of their money and Led lighting of Houston understands that and hence to increase the lifespan of their LED fixtures, three times more ‘LED diodes’ are used in making their products. This ensures that these diodes are run at decreased milliamps, which in turn ensures the lifespan of the LED fixtures. All these contribute to customer satisfaction and positive LED lighting of Houston reviews.

LED Lighting in Houston – A Successful First Venture

The company has been in the running for a short time of about 4 years within huge they have remarkably attained sales of 10 million dollars, which is an outstanding achievement for such a young company. The brilliant mind at work behind this company and for its success is Joshua Pitts. Before starting his own company and giving into his entrepreneurial calling, he was a student at the University of Houston and got his graduate degree from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, a department in the Houston University.

After graduating, he landed his first job at Merrill Lynch’s Smith Warren Group, which is renowned and is hotly sought after by the executives belonging to the elite class. Although he loved his job, he could no longer ignore his entrepreneurial calling and decided to act upon it which ultimately gave birth to the LED lighting of Houston.

He Offers Voluntary Services and Mentorship to Individuals and Companies

Aside from being one of the youngest and successful entrepreneur, he finds joy in such mundane activities as playing golf and hunting. He is humble enough to offer his voluntary services during his free time. He gives lectures at business schools and colleges and offers to mentor to such students who share the same ideals and goals as him.

He helps them to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Other than such voluntary services, he also offers his expertise and input to those young companies who are in dire need of large sum capital investment of around 10,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars for growth and improvement in Dallas, Houston, and Austin markets.

Lighting Solutions by LED Lighting Houston

If you are looking for lighting solutions indoors and outdoors, the LED lighting of Houston caters to all your needs. It is your one-stop shop for commercial, industrial and domestic lighting fixture needs and also the accessories. The company was established with an aim to provide long-lasting lighting fixtures which are also energy efficient. Their LED bulbs are superior to other fixtures and give cost-effective solutions for the long term. From your home lighting to parking area lighting and highway LED bulbs, they supply various kinds of fixtures for all lighting projects.

Why their fixtures are superior?

LED lighting of Houston lighting fixtures is resistant to voltage changes and their Thermister boards used inside help to prevent overheating of the bulbs and prevent them from damage. The Xitanium drivers help in prolonging the life of the bulbs. Customers who make their purchases here are assured from replacing the bulbs every now and then as the company offers a 5-year warranty against their goods.

The fixtures used in parking lots are the specialty of LED lighting Houston as they are made with cast aluminum. This assures a long lasting life and higher energy savings. Street lighting plays a crucial role in the safety of transport and vehicular traffic. Only the best light fixtures need to be chosen for the safety of people and traffic. The LED luminaries are the best option as they are bright and emit less carbon dioxide which is, in turn, an initiative for green environment.

Founder of LED lighting Houston

Joshua Pitts Houston is the man behind the successful running of the organization. He brought success and respect to the company with reliability and good customer service. The company is specialized in making customized lighting fixtures based on the project needs.

From the color of the light to height and material of the lighting pole, care is taken in every aspect of the project. Estimations of materials and project are done and submitted to the client. LED lighting of Houston reviews shows how the company is prompt in delivering their goods and services on time without compromising on the quality.

What Has LED Lighting Of Houston To Offer To The Users?

Today, LED lights are in great demand in the market. The LED Lighting of Houston is a well-known company which caters to the lighting needs of the people. Customers can avail LED lights at the most affordable rates from this company. Every product offered by the company goes through a strict check of quality standards and are thus considered premium and durable. Several people are today opting for LED lighting solutions as they are cost-effective and also environment-friendly lighting systems.

Joshua Pitts is the man behind the foundation of LED Lighting of Houston. He graduated from the Houston University and then started his career at the Merrill Lynch’s Smith Warren Group. Pitts worked here in collaboration with elite executives which helped him learn several things in life. His job was quite a challenging one and he gained a lot of experience almost every day. However, owing to his academic background in entrepreneurship, he was business minded and always wished to start something of his own. After having attained deep knowledge in sales processes, Pitts started his own company named the LED Lighting of Houston.

Success Story Of The Company:

LED Lighting of Houston owned by Pitts boasted sales of about 10 million dollars in just about 4 years’ time of starting the venture. This was a huge achievement for the company which inspired Pitts to work even harder in the coming years. Today, it caters to both exterior as well as interior LED lighting solutions for the commercial sectors in Texas. Apart from this, the company also expands its services to places of Louisiana and Oklahoma where many large projects have been completed successfully.

Joshua Pitts had received in-depth mentoring about the LED technology from the CEO of the company where he was employed before starting his own business. This helped him know about several minute details related to the technology which he applied in his own venture to make it even more successful. The LED Lighting of Houston reviews states the fact that company aims at offering highly durable LED fixtures so that the investment of the customers become more worthy.

Some Of The Valuable Advantages Which LED Lighting Of Houston Offers To The Users:

* The use of LED lights cut down the energy consumption to a great extent. This is because the lumens produced per watt by LEDs are much more than the conventional lighting options.

* Purchase of LEDs from this well-known company ensures that the users spend negligible amounts on maintenance and replacement of the lights.

* The city remains bright and clean with the use of LED lights. The lights have no lead or mercury in them.

* LED Lighting of Houston is best known for the quality of commercial LED solutions that they offer. The visibility offered by the lights is uniform and they are completely safe for use.

* The experts of the company are trained in handling lighting projects of office buildings, warehouses, parking lots, garages, sports grounds, etc.

Apart from developing his own company, Joshua Pitts even extends help to start-up companies by offering them small business loans, reviewing of taxation needs, assistance for the patent, and much more.

LED Lighting Of Houston: Turning Spaces More Shiner And Brighter

LED lights have various advantages to offer to the users which have made their application quite popular in every field. They are economical in use and light up areas in a uniform manner. Users can save a lot on their electricity bills with the installation of these lighting systems both in their offices and houses. The LED Lighting of Houston is a premium company dealing with LED fixtures over several years. The company aims at serving commercial buildings with LED lighting solutions so that they save on their energy consumption and also do not harm the environment in any manner.

Joshua Pitts the founder of LED Lighting of Houston has taken the company to great heights within a few years of commencement of the business. His huge knowledge in the technology of LED has helped him serve the people of Texas efficiently. His main aim is to establish a business which lasts for future generations as well. Pitts always wanted to start his own company has he pursued studies in entrepreneurship. So, even after having the chance of working with real experts in the industry, he discontinued his job after acquiring the required knowledge and experience. His efforts showed true colors when LED Lighting of Houston bagged huge sales in just four years span from its beginning.

The company constantly concentrates on modernization and keeps upgrading the LED fixtures for better customer experience and feedback. The LED Lighting of Houston reviews reflect how satisfied the customers are with the services offered by the company. Starting from LED parking lights, LED troffers, LED wall packs to LED high bay fixtures, the company has every kind of alternative in LED lighting solutions. All the products are backed by warranties and conform to the superior quality standard. Be it for office buildings, backyards or sports fields, customers can get affordable LED lights at LED Lighting of Houston.

Since the year 2003, the company has successfully accomplished the completion of several eminent LED lighting projects in areas of Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana. Pitts is not just a great businessman but he even encourages small business houses and new companies to realize their dreams by offering them with loans and guidance needed for carrying on their operations.

LED Lighting of Houston: The Number One Company for LED Fixtures

The founder of LED Lighting of Houston is Joshua Pitts. He graduated from the ‘Wolf Center for Entrepreneurship’ at the ‘University of Houston’. The education program ranked as number one in the U.S.A. In the initial stages of his career, he worked for Merrill Lynch’s Smith Warren Group. He worked hard in the company but his urge to become an entrepreneur remained unfulfilled and hence he started his own Company called the Led Lighting of Houston.

The Houston-based Company sells LED fixtures across the U.S.A. Under the guidance of Joshua Pitts, the company began to specialize in making commercial LED lighting fixtures for exterior and interior décor. The company sells its LED lighting fixtures to car dealerships, offices, parking garages, hospitals, stadiums, warehouses, parking lots, churches and much more.

The company specializes in making LED lighting fixtures that make use of circuit boards with diodes placed on the circuit board bed by the ‘surface mount machines’. All the fixtures make use of superior-quality diodes that have AAA to BBB ratings. They only make use of Meanwell or Philips Advance Xitanium drivers to assure low driver failure rates. The products of the company make use of three times more ‘LED diodes’ used in the average fixtures for running the diodes at decreased milliamps for giving the customers LED fixture of long lifespan.

All the positive LED Lighting of Houston reviews earned from the customers is because of the values based on which Joshua Pitts runs the company. He is the lead ‘salesperson’ of the company who gives customers brilliant warranty, 24-hours replacements and best possible price in the market. The company also offers the service of customizing the LED fixtures according to the requirement of the clients.

The founder of the company, Joshua Pitts has been into this LED business for a couple of years and looks into the operations of the larger projects of the company. Superior quality products, offering customization services and prompt next day delivery are factors responsible for the rave LED Lighting of Houston reviews the company has earned over the years. Due to the top-notch quality products and services offered by the company, it has been able to earn larger and more lucrative projects across the U.S.A from the distribution centers of Coca-Cola, ‘Cube Smart’ storage facilities, United Airlines etc.

For the acumen, hard work and the ethical principles based on which Joshua Pitts runs the company, it has turned into a successful venture in just 4 years. In these few years, the company bragged about sales of almost 10 million dollars.

Apart from establishing himself as a successful entrepreneur in his own venture, he embraced the opportunity for helping in the development and growth of small enterprises which are incapable of ‘venture capital funding’. He looks forward to more opportunities for growth in the Austin, Houston and the Dallas markets.

Apart from running his business Joshua Pitts offers voluntary service through the ‘Junior Achievement Houston’ at the high schools where he mentors college students. He coaches the seniors and the junior students and teaches them the importance of the economics subject. His hobbies include hunting and playing golf.

LED Lighting of Houston – For Greener, Cheaper, And Brighter Lighting

The LED lighting of Houston caters to the various lighting needs of firms, commercial buildings, garages, and highways. It was established by Joshua Pitts in Houston, Texas with an aim to provide long-lasting lighting solutions to the customers. Joshua Pitts has a bright mind and learned the sales techniques within a year of his first job and became a successful entrepreneur on opening his own firm in 2013. Within 5 years, the company earned success with its quality maintenance, next day delivery, and excellent customer service. The LED fixtures serve both indoor and outdoor lighting needs of the clients.


LED lighting of Houston reviews not only serves the lighting needs of the customers but also provides custom-made poles to fit the light fixtures. The poles range from a height of 12’ to 1200’ and they come up with pre-drilled holes to fit the light fixtures. The poles are powder-coated and hot dipped to make them resistant to the harsh climate. They do not rust and can be used for more than 25 years without damage. Car dealerships and highway projects generally need these customized poles.

Advantages of LED Fixtures

LED lights are long lasting when compared to standard bulbs. Their lifespan is almost 10 times more than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights. The need for replacement decreases and saves a lot of maintenance costs and energy bills. They also emit less heat and do not increase the surrounding temperature. The LED fixtures are encased so the chances of breakage are less. Since they do not produce too much heat, there is less risk of accidental fires in warehouses and other facilities. The white light which is produced from LED fixtures is similar to daylight making it easy to retrieve things and work under them.

Various Products

A range of LED lighting fixtures are available here and the lighting experts help the clients to understand which fixtures are best for them. The LED canopy fixtures are used in industrial locations, warehouses, garages and closets where natural light does not reach. They deliver large illumination which helps to deter intruders from entering. The LED flood lights are fixed in large stadiums and parking places to provide bright light even at night. The light beams out in every angle and illuminates the whole area. The LED vapor tight light fixtures are generally suitable for outdoor spaces with a harsh climate.

LED lighting of Houston reviews shows that the customers benefitted a lot from their products and services. The firm is quick in delivering the fixtures and many of the received their products in a single day. The clients are happy with the conversion to LED fixtures, energy savings, and reduction in maintenance costs. Joshua Pitts helped the clients to select the right color and temperature LED fixtures for the clients as per their need. The lighting company owner Joshua makes personal visits to the site location for estimation and also supervises the site audit and the delivery of products after the standard quality checks.