LED Lighting of Houston


LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

LED Lighting of Houston took care of Bertrands Inc, before employees were complaining how dim it was. Now they cannot stop talking about how bright the new fixtures are. The ExsaBay 56” EXB1-1-UNVL-50-80-56-WH-S-C-N was used specifically for this warehouse in order to get the right amount of Foot Candles (FC). Install, was really easy just a one for one replacement and throw away the old fixtures. It is important to make sure the fixtures are even and put in the right place. The reason for that is it can mess up the light pattern, which results in unnecessary shadows. Everything that is done through LED Lighting of Houston is perfection. You can visit the location at 305 Gellhorn Dr, Houston, TX 77013.

The Luke Church

LED-Lighting-of-Houston-Reviews 1.png

Not only does LED Lighting of Houston specialize in Warehouses and Car Dealerships, but more importantly Churches. The outside of the Luke Church was much needed. When the sun went down the parking lot was hard to see just from the main road. We added our Dorado 2 QD2-2-UNVL-5-50-6-135-AMN to their existing poles. It was a one for one retrofit and was very simple, just take the old fixture down and put the new fixture on. The Dorado also came with an Architectural Mount which makes the installation go a lot more smoothly. When putting new LED lights on poles you should make sure you get the height of the pole. The most important thing to check once you are done installing the fixture is if there is a cap on the pole, as well silicon that way water doesn’t get into the creases of the fixture. Now, the Luke Church can be seen from the road and now the neighbors in the surrounding area are talking about how bright the parking lot lights are. The Luke Church is located on 2380 S Houston Ave, Humble, TX 77396.


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