LED Lighting OF Houston The Champions In The Market Of Lighting

LED Lighting of Houston was founded by Mr. Joshua Pitts. It is one of the best commercial lighting expert businesses in the USA in the current years. Mr. Joshua Pitts has taken the company along the staircase of success because of his intelligence and determination. Led Lighting of Houston has positive reviews from its clients which have further helped to boost the sales more.

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

LED Lighting of Houston has collaborated with big projects in the past and has proved to be one of the best choices in the country. It has a record number of sales and its smart and unique lighting products have been in much demand in the markets. The products of the LED lighting of Houston are very reasonably priced as well so it can be afforded by one and all, even when under a budget.

LED Lighting of Houston is the master of makeovers. Be it any anyplace any big offices or small workplaces, it is sure that LED Lighting of Houston products will work its charm. To prevent any kind of voltage spikes, LED lighting of Houston has the best products.

It has surgo protectors to prevent these spikes which will save the lighting products from getting harmed. LED Lighting of Houston has thermistor boards to prevent the apparatus from getting overheated. This has made these unique lighting products durable and long lasting.

It is safe to say that one of the reasons why LED Lighting of Houston is so much in demand in the market recently is because of its durable products which are worth one’s investment. It is a complete value for money which is why the customers have posted such overwhelming LED Lighting of Houston reviews over all these years. Another thing that is unmatched is the 5-year warranty the customers get with every LED Lighting of Houston product, ensuring their peace of mind.

LED lighting of Houston ensures that you have a great deal of savings once you invest in their products. It has been proved that over other old choices in the market, the products of LED Lighting of Houston provide its customers with 200% savings.

The advanced techniques that help in the manufacturing of LED Lighting of Houston products such as the LED fixtures completely made from aluminium ensure that they can be used everywhere efficiently.

You can use the lighting products in various locations such as garages, parking lots, workplaces, and so on. LED Lighting of Houston always keeps the contentment of their customers at their topmost priority list. If the customers want, they can consult any lighting expert and get a quote from the LED Lighting of Houston website.

The company’s founder Mr. Joshua Pitts of Houston is an extremely dedicated entrepreneur who always encourages his employees to put their best foot forward. Mr. Joshua Pitts is undoubtedly one of the best young entrepreneurs the country of the USA has ever had.

LED lighting of Houston always tries to understand what their customers expect and based on their needs, the experts at LED Lighting of Houston provide smart solutions.


Led Lighting Of Houston Reviews

LED Lighting of Houston ReviewsJoshua currently resides in Houston, Texas. His company services some of the biggest names in the industry, for example, Coca-Cola, United Airlines, and Clayton Homes. In this short amount of time, since 2013, Joshua Pitts has gained quite some fame for his company. There has been an overwhelmingly positive amount of LED Lighting Of Houston reviews from all around.

LED Lighting of Houston – For Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Needs

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds, and it brought a great impact on everyday lives. New technologies like LED and CFL has replaced the incandescent bulbs in the market with their energy efficiency and greater lifespan. LED lights last longer than both CFL and incandescent bulbs and save a lot on energy bills. If you are looking for best LED bulbs, LED lighting of Houston provides such lighting fixtures which last thrice more than average bulbs. It was established by Joshua Pitts in the year 2013 with an aim to provide long-lasting lighting solutions to the public at cheaper prices.

About Joshua Pitts

Joshua Pitts has a strong background in entrepreneurship. He obtained a graduate degree from Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the Houston University. The center is highly acclaimed for its academic value and ranked high among others. Joshua immediately began his career by working under Merrill Lynch that makes a 3 billion dollar business. Though his work at Smith Warren was educational and challenging, he dreamed to open his own company which led to the foundation of the LED lighting of Houston.

LED Lighting of Houston ReviewsHe started manufacturing highly efficient LED bulbs which are long-lasting. He started sales of these fixtures at lower prices and gave the best service to his clients. Within 4 years of initiation, his company became a top brand and was highly valued for its goods and services. Joshua then extended his business to other locations and is currently supplying the light fixtures all over the US.

Joshua Pitts later started Joshua Invested that is aimed to help the growth of small businesses. It is basically an investment company which aids in the finance of struggling firms for the payroll and process development. He even sets apart some budget to finance small businesses that have a good potential to grow.


The LED lighting of Houston products has the highest lumen which is one of the top reasons for the company’s success. Every client looks forward to getting the top product for the money spent and the LED Houston’s products deliver such value. Each of the light fixtures goes through rigorous testing before delivery. The products contain heat resistance thermister inside to control the flow of power without letting it damaged during power fluctuations.

A 5 year warranty period is given to the products and a 24-hour replacement is given for damaged goods. Based on the location where the fixtures are fitted, the material of the light bulbs is changed. The light fixtures are not only energy efficient but also save the environment. The products emit very less carbon dioxide and thus the company is the first in its sector to be turned into a green, eco-friendly firm.

The LED lighting of Houston reviews states how much the clients save every year on energy bills, repair and replacement costs. The lights are bright and give clear visibility during the night time. They are highly useful in locations like car dealerships, storage facilities, parking places, garages and as street lights too.

LED Lighting Houston – For All LED Lighting Needs

Are you searching for Good LED lighting which lasts longer and cost less? LED lighting of Houston is the perfect destination for all your lighting needs. Joshua Pitts is the brain and muscle behind this company that introduced LED lighting in Houston to replace other lightings which are below par in their services. Vexed with the cheap lighting materials available in the market, he introduced powerful LED light that are long-lasting, cost-effective and energy efficient. His company offers all-around lighting needs for both interiors and exteriors.

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

The LED lighting of Houston reviews will give you a clear idea of how LED lights can change your business for the better. The company is a part of many lighting projects like office lighting, warehouse lighting, commercial and home lighting needs and highway lighting. They handle customized lighting orders and deliver the products on time. His company is known for handling lighting needs of any project irrespective of the size of the order.

About Joshua Pitts

Joshua Pitts studied at the University of Houston where they offer top entrepreneurship program in the country. He obtained his graduate degree in entrepreneurship from the Wolff center of Houston University. Joshua Pitts Houston secured a job at Smith Warren group run by Merrill Lynch. His job came with a good learning curve and many challenges. He also had a tremendous scope for growth in his job. Yet the entrepreneur in him beckoned him to start his own business. Thus, the foundation of LED lighting Houston took place.

He achieved success in his business as soon as 4 years of initiation. Joshua is a shrewd businessman and has a fantastic vision for the LED market. Apart from running and managing his own company, he took the added responsibility of funding small start-ups which are yet to make their stand in the market. Being an expert in handling business, he offers advice and helps the smaller companies in tax filings, process improvement, and patent assistance too. He has good ideas on how to increase the cash flow to the business and how to improve the returns on investment.

Everything You Will Need To Know About LED Lighting Of Houston:

In case you are looking for the best-LED lights to bring along some incredible lighting in your abode or workplace, then you should get in touch with LED Lighting Of Houston.

They are popular for offering LED lights under the most favorable conditions and incredibly affordable costs. Above all else, you need to peruse surveys from the LED lighting of Houston reviews — Joshua Pitts and after that purchase LED Lights at ostensible costs.

About Their Services:

They give the longest enduring and the most proficient business LED lights on the planet, guaranteed. Introduce these LED lights and make the most of its advantages, like you need to pay fewer power charges as it will devour less vitality and fills in as a power saver as well.

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

LED Lighting Of Houston has outside lighting items which are unmatched when compared to its contemporaries! Their outside apparatuses have truly necessary segments, for example, surge defenders to avert against voltage spikes, thermister loads up to keep installations from over warming and Xitanium drivers, which give you the best service of your lifetime. This gives you significant serenity alongside the impressive unequivocal multiyear guarantee.

While perusing the LED Lighting Of Houston site make certain to look at their parking Lot LED installations and their Floodlight LED apparatuses which are made of aluminum and have a lifetime that is four times the opposition and result in a 200% reserve funds over customary alternatives.

About The Founder of LED Lighting Of Houston:

Organizer Joshua Pitts from Houston constructed the organization with respect to estimations of low evaluating, the best guarantee and 24-hour substitutions if required by the customers. While there are numerous apparatus composes to look over, the greater part of LED Lighting Of Houston activities accompany photometric formats and providing good service for help or guidance at no extra charge to the customer.

What is more, is LED Lighting Of Houston can likewise alter LED installations per the application. This ends up critical as each venture has an alternate Kelvin temperature, wattage, yield and lifetime estimation required. The originator of LED Lighting Of Houston, Joshua Pitts from Houston has been in the LED business in for a long time and is noted to have been included with the bigger tasks and customers around the US, including United Airlines, Coca Cola’s appropriation focuses and Cube Smart storerooms.

LED Lighting of Houston spends significant time in dealings for business LED Lighting apparatuses, for example, LED troffers, LED stopping lights, LED wall packs, LED high bay installations and much more. Most the greater part of LED Lighting of Houston apparatuses are made in America in the considerable province of Texas. Overwhelmingly positive LED Lighting of Houston reviews from loyal customer and client base over the past years have also skyrocketed. Their service is unmatched and their products are always top class. As of today, LED Lighting of Houston aims to thrive in the business even more and their first priority always remains the same- satisfying their customers on this journey.

How Has LED Lighting Of Houston Transformed The World For Its Clients?

LED Lighting Of Houston produces the longest persisting and the most capable business LED lights on the Earth, ensured. Invest on these lights and you will never be disappointed again as they offer the customer great savings and are good in the long run as well.

Here are some LED Lighting Of Houston Reviews explaining how the company has changed the getups of some places altogether.

Corporate Offices, Portwest:

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

‍This Portwest property consisting of corporate offices was very brightening when the development was done yet did not have the amazing lighting quotient to emerge and influence the venture to feel finished. A long time after its development was completed; newly LED apparatuses were added to finish 60,000 sq ft office.

New installations included LED Can lights, LED VFX Linear lighting and new LED 2X2 troffers. The adjustment in climate was detectable as the passage currently reinforces 100 Foot candles to catch the eye of imminent customers that enter the building.

Strickland Chevrolet in Pearland, Texas:

Strickland Chevrolet in Pearland, Texas had the chance to cut cost by a huge number of dollars every month. Their test was that they had several parking garage lights and the forthright speculation was not accessible seeing that it was six figures. In the wake of running the numbers and discovering that they would spare over $4,000 in a month in electrical cost and an extra $1,000 in upkeep cost, they chose to fund the LED lights.

The reward is regardless they turned out net positive month to month for financing the LED lights over a time of a couple of years. The LED lights conveyed a multiyear guarantee and made it a win-win for all parties or clients and teams included.

City Plaza in Sugarland, Texas:

After accepting 3 offers for their parking structure transformation they met with LED Lighting of Houston and Joshua Pitts demonstrated to them the distinction between an inexpensively made apparatus that was transported in with a guarantee that asserted to be 5 years, however, had no nearby sponsorship.

Driven Lighting of Houston proposed the Qubepark parking structure LED light apparatus and had 10 introduced as a test. The decision was clear and the board individuals consented to buy almost 100 installations to retrofit their parking structure to new LED lighting apparatuses.

French Riviera Bakery, Houston, Texas:

The test was to light up the outside of the working; however, much as could reasonably be expected to utilize Dorado 45,000 lumen parking garage apparatuses without troubling clients or passersby of the bustling Houston street.

The 5M lens was the appropriate response as it gave an even spread and a splendid yet subtle light to the parking area. The sides and back of the building utilized the Qubepak1m, LED Lighting of Houston’s freshest LED wall pack that brag 42 watts and a brilliant punch of 5000 Kelvin LED light.

The company’s founder Joshua Pitts is a young and dedicated entrepreneur whose primary aim is to take the company to the highest level possible by making their products even better with each day passing.