The Success Story Of Joshua Pitts And LED Lighting Of Houston

Joshua Pitts is the founder of LED Lighting of Houston, a much well-known lighting company based in Houston, Texas, USA. The company is unmatched when it comes to its world-class products which are durable and reliable.

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

Over the years, encouraging LED Lighting Of Houston reviews have helped the company to grow its market across the USA.

Joshua Pitts is one of the most brilliant minds in the business. Hailing from Houston, Texas he has a lot of constructive work experience which has helped him to reach the zenith today. He is one of the youngest of entrepreneurs who have tasted success in the world of tough competition.

His sheer determinacy and enthusiasm are inspiring to the budding aspirants who want to be involved in the field of entrepreneurship. Joshua Pitts of Houston is also known for his active participation in the esteemed program of Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. This program is under the University of Houston and only the best 30 candidates are accepted into it.

In credit to Mr. Joshua Pitts’ brilliance and excellent performance, he was even able to have a luncheon with Mr. Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world.

Joshua Pitts of Houston is now the owner of multiple companies. Apart from LED Lighting of Houston, he also owns and National LED. All the companies under Mr. Joshua Pitts are much reputed for their products and services.

Apart from the fact that Mr. Joshua Pitts is a wonderful entrepreneur who always has been successful in the field, he is also a great and passionate human being. He is an angel investor in the Houston Angel Network which is based in the city of Houston.

Joshua Pitts also makes sure that his company maintains regular YouTube videos speaking and educating their clients about their products, their working, and their nonstop dedicated services. He is a dedicated person who always pushes his employees to work creatively and innovatively for the products of LED Lighting of Houston.

Over the years, Mr. Pitts’ dedicated services and a huge social network have proved to be very beneficial for LED Lighting of Houston turning in millions of dollars of revenue.


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