I am Joshua Pitts and I reside in Houston, Texas. I am the owner of LED Lighting of Houston Reviews, a led lighting company that sells commercial interior and exterior LED Lighting products. I have been in business since 2013 and am noted for some of the larger LED projects in the Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana area. Previously, I was employed at National Signs where I worked for 2 years and was mentored by the CEO who was at the forefront of LED technology. He taught me about LEDs and the experience I gained there allowed me to start my own company. Joshua Pitts, LED Lighting of Houston reviews company serves Its clients in a fashion that has propelled the company’s revenue to several million in the first few years of business. Our main attributes are selling the longest lasting LED fixtures on the market. We specialize in parking lots, warehouses, office buildings, parking garages and any commercial project which a client has. Our parking lot LED fixtures, high bay LED fixtures and troffers are the best on the market. Some information on our company and our projects can be found on our youtube page – www.youtube.com/channel/UCfiNVTSSX4SfIjqgHoiuAzQ Also, if you check out our products page on our website – www.LEDLightingofHouston.com projects you will see that we have worked with a number of extremely well known businesses such as United Airlines, Cube Smart, Mercedes Benz and Honda. Joshua Pitts is also well noted for his company, Joshua Invested, which invests in start ups and mentors students in high school and college.