LED Lighting of Houston – For Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Needs

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds, and it brought a great impact on everyday lives. New technologies like LED and CFL has replaced the incandescent bulbs in the market with their energy efficiency and greater lifespan. LED lights last longer than both CFL and incandescent bulbs and save a lot on energy bills. If you are looking for best LED bulbs, LED lighting of Houston provides such lighting fixtures which last thrice more than average bulbs. It was established by Joshua Pitts in the year 2013 with an aim to provide long-lasting lighting solutions to the public at cheaper prices.

About Joshua Pitts

Joshua Pitts has a strong background in entrepreneurship. He obtained a graduate degree from Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the Houston University. The center is highly acclaimed for its academic value and ranked high among others. Joshua immediately began his career by working under Merrill Lynch that makes a 3 billion dollar business. Though his work at Smith Warren was educational and challenging, he dreamed to open his own company which led to the foundation of the LED lighting of Houston.

LED Lighting of Houston ReviewsHe started manufacturing highly efficient LED bulbs which are long-lasting. He started sales of these fixtures at lower prices and gave the best service to his clients. Within 4 years of initiation, his company became a top brand and was highly valued for its goods and services. Joshua then extended his business to other locations and is currently supplying the light fixtures all over the US.

Joshua Pitts later started Joshua Invested that is aimed to help the growth of small businesses. It is basically an investment company which aids in the finance of struggling firms for the payroll and process development. He even sets apart some budget to finance small businesses that have a good potential to grow.


The LED lighting of Houston products has the highest lumen which is one of the top reasons for the company’s success. Every client looks forward to getting the top product for the money spent and the LED Houston’s products deliver such value. Each of the light fixtures goes through rigorous testing before delivery. The products contain heat resistance thermister inside to control the flow of power without letting it damaged during power fluctuations.

A 5 year warranty period is given to the products and a 24-hour replacement is given for damaged goods. Based on the location where the fixtures are fitted, the material of the light bulbs is changed. The light fixtures are not only energy efficient but also save the environment. The products emit very less carbon dioxide and thus the company is the first in its sector to be turned into a green, eco-friendly firm.

The LED lighting of Houston reviews states how much the clients save every year on energy bills, repair and replacement costs. The lights are bright and give clear visibility during the night time. They are highly useful in locations like car dealerships, storage facilities, parking places, garages and as street lights too.


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