Lighting of Houston Reviews- Joshua Pitts

LED Lighting of Houston specializes in sales for commercial LED Lighting fixtures such as LED troffers, LED highway fixtures, LED parking lights and LED wall packs. Most all our fixtures are made in America in the great state of Texas.

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

Joshua Pitts resides in Houston, Texas. Joshua Pitts is the owner of LED Lighting of Houston, a lighting firm that trades commercial interior and exterior LED Lighting? He has been in business since 2013. He was previously employed at National Signs where he worked for 2 years and in that tenure sold the largest sign in the company’s 25-year history. Before National Signs he went to the Wolff Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston. A prestigious program that only allows 30 individuals a year to participate. Through this program Joshua Pitts Houston gained employment at Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking office where he was an analyst intern working on a team of 9 that managed $4 billion dollars. See Joshua Pitts Profile on for reference. See Joshua Pitts Linkedin Profile for reference.

Through the Wolff Centre he was invited to meet Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world and notorious investor. He toured his office in Omaha, Nebraska and ate lunch with Mr. Buffett at Warrens favorite restaurant, Piccadilly.

LED Lighting of Houston is Houston’s finest turnkey LED lighting provider, offering commercial LED lighting throughout the state of Texas. We provide the superlative commercial LED lighting products for your commercial or industrial property. Don’t see your commercial lighting application? No worries! Give LED Lighting of Houston a call today and we will work with you to create custom commercial lighting solutions for your application and needs!

LED lighting of Houston is significantly more energy efficient, more cost effective, and easier to maintain and operate than traditional lighting methods. Profitable LED lights have a long lifecycle, and therefore require less time and money to maintain. Switching to LED lighting provides immediate and significant savings in maintenance and operational costs.

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

LED lights are also ecologically friendly, as they use less electricity to operate, produce less heat and waste, and unlike CFLs, contain no mercury. Some profitable LED lighting goods use 75% less energy and can last up to 35 times longer than incandescent lighting. Another benefit to LEDs for profitable applications is that they produce no UV or IR radiation, making them suitable to light large, public spaces.

LED Lighting of Houston will design, install, and sustain your property’s profitable LED lighting system, and ensure our work meets your specifications. We also assist building owners be suitable for the CenterPoint Rebate, which will make LED lighting more affordable for your property.

LED has modified the means the globe sees light. Inefficient, old-style incandescent and CFLs are being phased out by a lighting technology that may deliver heat, ancient light or a cooler, additional modern white light-weight, all whereas employing a fraction of the energy and with just about zero environmental harm.

LED lighting of Houston reviews are the specialists in planning and maintaining LED lighting, so your property is energy economical, price effective, and modern. LED lighting of Houston reviews have years of expertise in crafting distinctive LED lighting solutions for industrial, industrial properties. We are approved lighting contractor for the rebate programs in Houston, Texas.

Why LED lighting of Houston Reviews Lighting?

LED lighting of Houston reviews is committed to delivering the most effective solutions on the market, impressed by the requirements of our customers and formed by the information and experience of our engineers. We tend to establish the importance of enticing energy-efficient lightning and aim to boost each business with hardline performance and payback.


LED lighting of Houston reviews LED’s are designed to mix seamlessly with any design. The elegant dispersing lens and reflector system deliver ideal light distribution that softly washes walls and amply illuminates work surfaces. The lighting parts of LED’s are modulated by diffusers; thus, you will not be distracted by hotspots or glare. the sole factor you’ll expertise is life beneath stunning, beaming light-weight.


It’s not your imagination — it’s science. LED lighting of Houston reviews will look additional natural than CFLs and match the heat of incandescent. LED lighting of Houston reviews LED’s are designed with color modulation that casts light that creates everything look additional spirited and lifelike. opt for deep or calm lighting. Deep lighting provides a standard and deluxe feeling that householders have come back to expect. Calm lighting creates a good work atmosphere or brings Associate in Nursing updated look to a home.

Installing energy economical LED of LED lighting of Houston reviews offers life monetary advantages within the sort of lower utility bills and maintenance prices. These revered savings additionally escort exceptional advantages, proving that long, high-quality lighting does not need to come back at a premium.

Joshua Pitts provides the foremost versatile, best in school and cost-efficient LED Lighting solutions for numerous applications.

LED lighting of Houston reviews will over simply offer our customers with the merchandise they need; what extremely makes LED lighting of Houston reviews stand out from the gang is that the shut interaction and collaboration between production and sales, that allows the corporate to make semi-permanent partnerships with its customers supported mutual trust. LED lighting of Houston reviews integrity and innovation makes it attainable to keep up our high standards and fulfill our commitments, as we tend to work along with our customers to form price and build a far better future.

Our goal is to administer the most effective quality product at an inexpensive worth by undergoing method of quality check in our testing laboratory, giving our customers the standard, they be that’s competitively priced and last yearning.

We are your LED Lighting company in Houston, Texas with immediate shipment of products. All our lighting products are engineered by expert LED engineers here at our facility in Houston. Please visit our LED Lighting of Houston facility in Houston. Our projects range from small mom and pop shops to international installations.


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