Flood Your Place with Light with Superior Quality LED Fixtures from the LED Lighting Of Houston

The company based in Houston is headed by none other than Joshua Pitts, who is one of the youngest and successful entrepreneurs of this generation. He serves as an inspiration for the next generation, for those who one day hope to have a company of their own. Being a CEO in his own right, Joshua Pitts is a Houston native. Before his entrepreneurial dreams led him to the foundation of this company, he was a student at the University of Houston, where he graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship from Wolff center for entrepreneurship. As soon as he graduated he was recruited by the famed Merrill Lynch’s Smith Warren Group. He started learning everything pretty quickly.

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

You Are Given Guaranteed Quality Assurance

The company founded by him tasted success with sales of 10 million dollars within the span of 4 years. Customers only had good things to say about the company and showered LED lighting of Houston reviews that were positive in nature. This was due to the quality LED lighting fixtures that were provided by the company. The company makes their own products, which are assembled locally in Houston, America and is quality assured by manufacturing testing in Labsphere. They make designs which are both commercial and modern and yet cost-effective and long-lasting – thus the products become best sellers soon. The company strictly follows all the safety procedures to prevent any accidents in future.

Customer Satisfaction Is Their Primary Goal

What customers love about their service is, that they allow customization according to the requirements of the customers. Any queries or issue that a customer may have is dealt with promptly. The people involved in sales management are friendly and are ready to offer assistance whenever you need. The order is delivered promptly the very next day and installation is done on site. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of the company, for which LED lighting of Houston, offers money return on investment if anything goes wrong during installation.



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