Joshua Pitts- The Man Behind The LED Lighting In Houston

The Houston based LED lighting company offers LED lighting services to the entirety of United States. The company’s LED lighting fixtures are the perfect addition to your new home as they are made specifically for interior and exterior décor. The company’s secret lies in producing LED lighting fixtures with ‘surface mount machines’.

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews-22

They have strictly followed the rule of using quality diodes that are certified AAA and BBB. Any other diodes, which are not certified AAA or BBB, are discarded. This is done to maintain the quality of their products. Their product’s quality is one of the reasons for the positively LED lighting of Houston reviews and feedbacks from all their customers.

Failure in the driver in LED lighting fixtures are a major issue, which is taken care of by the team at LED lighting of Houston by only branded drivers like Philips Advance Xitanium drivers or Meanwell drivers. Every customer wants the worth of their money and Led lighting of Houston understands that and hence to increase the lifespan of their LED fixtures, three times more ‘LED diodes’ are used in making their products. This ensures that these diodes are run at decreased milliamps, which in turn ensures the lifespan of the LED fixtures. All these contribute to customer satisfaction and positive LED lighting of Houston reviews.

LED Lighting in Houston – A Successful First Venture

The company has been in the running for a short time of about 4 years within huge they have remarkably attained sales of 10 million dollars, which is an outstanding achievement for such a young company. The brilliant mind at work behind this company and for its success is Joshua Pitts. Before starting his own company and giving into his entrepreneurial calling, he was a student at the University of Houston and got his graduate degree from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, a department in the Houston University.

After graduating, he landed his first job at Merrill Lynch’s Smith Warren Group, which is renowned and is hotly sought after by the executives belonging to the elite class. Although he loved his job, he could no longer ignore his entrepreneurial calling and decided to act upon it which ultimately gave birth to the LED lighting of Houston.

He Offers Voluntary Services and Mentorship to Individuals and Companies

Aside from being one of the youngest and successful entrepreneur, he finds joy in such mundane activities as playing golf and hunting. He is humble enough to offer his voluntary services during his free time. He gives lectures at business schools and colleges and offers to mentor to such students who share the same ideals and goals as him.

He helps them to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Other than such voluntary services, he also offers his expertise and input to those young companies who are in dire need of large sum capital investment of around 10,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars for growth and improvement in Dallas, Houston, and Austin markets.


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