Lighting Solutions by LED Lighting Houston

If you are looking for lighting solutions indoors and outdoors, the LED lighting of Houston caters to all your needs. It is your one-stop shop for commercial, industrial and domestic lighting fixture needs and also the accessories. The company was established with an aim to provide long-lasting lighting fixtures which are also energy efficient. Their LED bulbs are superior to other fixtures and give cost-effective solutions for the long term. From your home lighting to parking area lighting and highway LED bulbs, they supply various kinds of fixtures for all lighting projects.

Why their fixtures are superior?

LED lighting of Houston lighting fixtures is resistant to voltage changes and their Thermister boards used inside help to prevent overheating of the bulbs and prevent them from damage. The Xitanium drivers help in prolonging the life of the bulbs. Customers who make their purchases here are assured from replacing the bulbs every now and then as the company offers a 5-year warranty against their goods.

LED Lighting of Houston ReviewsThe fixtures used in parking lots are the specialty of LED lighting Houston as they are made with cast aluminum. This assures a long lasting life and higher energy savings. Street lighting plays a crucial role in the safety of transport and vehicular traffic. Only the best light fixtures need to be chosen for the safety of people and traffic. The LED luminaries are the best option as they are bright and emit less carbon dioxide which is, in turn, an initiative for green environment.

Founder of LED lighting Houston

Joshua Pitts Houston is the man behind the successful running of the organization. He brought success and respect to the company with reliability and good customer service. The company is specialized in making customized lighting fixtures based on the project needs.

From the color of the light to height and material of the lighting pole, care is taken in every aspect of the project. Estimations of materials and project are done and submitted to the client. LED lighting of Houston reviews shows how the company is prompt in delivering their goods and services on time without compromising on the quality.


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