LED Lighting of Houston: The Number One Company for LED Fixtures

The founder of LED Lighting of Houston is Joshua Pitts. He graduated from the ‘Wolf Center for Entrepreneurship’ at the ‘University of Houston’. The education program ranked as number one in the U.S.A. In the initial stages of his career, he worked for Merrill Lynch’s Smith Warren Group. He worked hard in the company but his urge to become an entrepreneur remained unfulfilled and hence he started his own Company called the Led Lighting of Houston.

The Houston-based Company sells LED fixtures across the U.S.A. Under the guidance of Joshua Pitts, the company began to specialize in making commercial LED lighting fixtures for exterior and interior décor. The company sells its LED lighting fixtures to car dealerships, offices, parking garages, hospitals, stadiums, warehouses, parking lots, churches and much more.

LED Lighting of Houston Reviews

The company specializes in making LED lighting fixtures that make use of circuit boards with diodes placed on the circuit board bed by the ‘surface mount machines’. All the fixtures make use of superior-quality diodes that have AAA to BBB ratings. They only make use of Meanwell or Philips Advance Xitanium drivers to assure low driver failure rates. The products of the company make use of three times more ‘LED diodes’ used in the average fixtures for running the diodes at decreased milliamps for giving the customers LED fixture of long lifespan.

All the positive LED Lighting of Houston reviews earned from the customers is because of the values based on which Joshua Pitts runs the company. He is the lead ‘salesperson’ of the company who gives customers brilliant warranty, 24-hours replacements and best possible price in the market. The company also offers the service of customizing the LED fixtures according to the requirement of the clients.

The founder of the company, Joshua Pitts has been into this LED business for a couple of years and looks into the operations of the larger projects of the company. Superior quality products, offering customization services and prompt next day delivery are factors responsible for the rave LED Lighting of Houston reviews the company has earned over the years. Due to the top-notch quality products and services offered by the company, it has been able to earn larger and more lucrative projects across the U.S.A from the distribution centers of Coca-Cola, ‘Cube Smart’ storage facilities, United Airlines etc.

For the acumen, hard work and the ethical principles based on which Joshua Pitts runs the company, it has turned into a successful venture in just 4 years. In these few years, the company bragged about sales of almost 10 million dollars.

Apart from establishing himself as a successful entrepreneur in his own venture, he embraced the opportunity for helping in the development and growth of small enterprises which are incapable of ‘venture capital funding’. He looks forward to more opportunities for growth in the Austin, Houston and the Dallas markets.

Apart from running his business Joshua Pitts offers voluntary service through the ‘Junior Achievement Houston’ at the high schools where he mentors college students. He coaches the seniors and the junior students and teaches them the importance of the economics subject. His hobbies include hunting and playing golf.


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